Cozy coma
Body Positive Comfort Zone

Misty reclining in stomach and knee hooks.


Discovering the Spark

Lifting off three times, what really mattered was not the hooks, but the incredibly surge of bliss that followed the experience. Any expectations had by this first timer were blown away by the insights he found.

Visiting Town, Transcending Ground

On a muggy summer's day, she dropped by the Anchors Aweigh Loft, and we lifted her up.

Time Limit

No mental limits. She wouldn't let anybody bring her down until after 10 minutes had gone by.

A Decade of Patience

Moments to get off the ground. After waiting for years, Julia finally was in the right place to try suspending, and she stayed up forever.

A Return

Not having suspended for some time, she revisited the head-space of suspending at our Loft one afternoon.

First Time Flyer

Her first time getting off the ground, she found it wasn't as difficult as she thought it would be.

Letting Go

Sometimes the easiest way to get up in a 2pt resurrection suspension, is to let go completely.

Modified Recliner at the Loft

Sinking into a suspension at the Anchors Aweigh Loft.