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We share our moments with those around us, but the experience of suspending is ultimately personal, and unique for each individual.

Nobody can take your experiences away from you.


A lotus at the loft


"The Wraith"


Pretty Pinup


First Time Flyer


Strongman First

Andrew II

Abstract Art


Self Discovery


Strongman First


Modified Recliner at the Loft


Pretty Pinup

Sam Lynn

Power Nap

Laetitia II

Anchored In


Just Another Evening at the Loft


Cozy coma


Suspension can be "Sensual" sometimes


Strongman First


Knee Suspension Triptych


Flying High

Andrew II

Abstract Art


Quiet & Calm

Helping each other.
Moving forward together.

About Anchors Aweigh

We provide people with experiences.
We believe in all levels of personal evolution.
We support those that want to push their limits.
We are passionate about suspension as an artform.

Through body suspension we embark on a somatic voyage,
to return emotionally, mentally and spiritually enhanced.

Contact us to get involved!

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What we do

We are a team of artists,
who work in a variety of mediums.

Through private sessions and public events,
we provide a safe and comfortable environment
in which to suspend and create new experiences.

Providing our suspendees with a safe and positive experience comes first. Without the experience, the suspension lacks meaning. Body suspension is an artform to us. Unless it is requested that we do not document a suspension, or certain aspects of it, we make a point of capturing as much as possible on camera. Images tell stories that words often fail to convey.

Members of Anchors Aweigh have different backgrounds in different industries. What brings us together is collaboration, with each other as well as other teams and/or artists. Working together, we can make unique art. We don't believe there is any one reason for suspending. Whether it's for personal reasons, spiritual in nature, or purely recreational, we respect all intentions, so long as they are not harmful to the suspendee, or others.

The bottom line is, we are here in this life to help each other overcome limitations, and make progress on individual levels. We are forever learning, improving, and looking to elevate ourselves.

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Why do people suspend?

Everybody has their own reasons, and motivations range from spiritual to recreational. Sometimes it is simply to sate one's curiosity. 
More often than not, the common denominator is some form of release; intense physical and emotional releases are frequent.

Is it painful?

Absolutely. But the pain goes away rather quickly as the endorphins and adrenaline being produced by your body kick in. 
It's not about the pain for us, but rather, the rewards of overcoming it; pain is a concept in your head, and the only thing stopping you from getting past it, is you.

Where can I learn more about body suspension?

The best resource on the web is suspension.org

I'm interested. How can I get involved?

You can attend a suspension event! We regularly have private sessions as well as some public ones.
Private sessions are more intimate and involve small groups of people.
Public events often involve performances and live installations.
Occasionally we will have public days that are not shows, where many people will suspend (both first timers and otherwise).
Drop us a line using our contact form, and let's take it from there!

I'm not anywhere near NYC, where can I find other teams?

We travel a lot, and work with a lot of groups along the way. However, the best way to find a group is to ask somebody!
You should check out suspension.org/teams to see if there is a group listed somewhere near you. Many established suspension groups meet at least once a month.

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Contact Us

For general inquiries, drop us a line below. Please be sure to use your legal name, and double check your email address. 

Are you interested in experiencing suspension first-hand with us? Click here to fill out our suspension sign-up form instead. 

You can also email us directly at info@anchors-aweigh.org

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